About iTeleport

iTeleport is a technology company that allows an expedited real estate visitation experience, removing all the bureaucracy that is finding a property with the customer’s style, either for rent or purchase, for a property still in the blueprint (project phase), or already built (ready to move in).

Through intensive use of technology and design, we are redesigning how to search for real estate on the internet, allowing the type of customer experience we desire for ourselves. As a result, we are creating a new business platform that is unique throughout the world and that will revolutionize the real estate industry.

Technology and design are essential components of our DNA. Our team works hard with cutting-edge technology and design practices to deliver web and mobile tools that are the first of their kind.

Who are we looking for?

Our work environment is quite relaxed, it does not matter if you like working in flip-flops and shorts, or in a suit and tie, the important thing is to deliver – a lot!

With the profile of startup company, we are agile and simple in our processes, we manage to do incredibly much with very little. The volume of work is enormous and this requires that each member has a lot of autonomy in their area, that is able to learn alone to solve major problems, intelligent to systematize their tasks and thus gain productivity over time, deliver with quality and surprise with improvements ! It takes a bunch of skills to knock it down, but we know that there are people like that, like us!

If you are very good in the area of one of the available positions, if you like to face good challenges and, of course, you want to win a lot together with us, so you are a potential candidate we’d love to talk to!

Open positions

CMO - Chief Marketing Officer

Digital Marketing – São Paulo or Vancouver

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