Europe RE Trends 2018

Download: Emerging Trends in Real Estate® Europe 2018


• Tells you what to expect and where the best opportunities are

• Elaborates on trends in the capital markets, including sources and flows of equity and debt capital

• Reports on how the economy and concerns about credit issues are affecting real estate

• Discusses which European cities and property sectors offer the most and least potential

• Describes the impact of social and political trends on real estate

RE Trends Europe 2018

What are the best bets for investment and development across Europe in 2018?

Based on personal interviews and surveys with 818 of the most influential leaders in the real estate industry, this forecast will give you the heads-up on where to invest, what to develop, which markets and sectors offer the best prospects, and trends in capital flows that will affect real estate. A joint undertaking of PwC and the Urban Land Institute, this 15th edition of Emerging Trends Europe is the 86 pages forecast you can count on for no-nonsense, expert insight.

Chapters Breakdown

Chapter 1 - Business Environment

Study on the main issues impacting business in 2018 (Brexit, Interest, Inflation, Social Issues, ...)

Chapter 2 - Real Estate Capital Markets

Investment and Development forecast for 23 real estate Sectors for 2018 (Industrial Facilites, Student Housing, Housebuilding for Sale, ...)

Chapter 3 - Markets to Watch

Detailed analysis of the 31 best markets in Europe to watch (Berlin, Amsterdam, Zurich, ...)

Chapter 4 - Rethinking Real Estate

Disruptive forces already at work (New Business Models, New Entrants, Digital Technologies, ...)

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